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GSXR 4 piston Tokico brake caliper

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It is on! Works better than the stocker with HH pads already, and it is 17f for my ride home with them. They can only get better as the tires can heat up. Feel is way up, it is a true 2 finger brake now.

My biggest complaint with the stock cal was how it lacked feel, especially as the longer stops got towards the end, they would go numb. This just bites right to the end, and modulation thru the lever is super controlled. As it warms up I might be tempted to try a master with a mm or two bigger piston but it will be a matter of fine tuning, it is right at the goal line now.

My buddy is a master machinist, and it took us, (really him, :D) most of 7 hours to design, fab and fit the bracket. Now that we have a prototype, I asked if he would want to sell them. He suggested that steel brackets would be easier to build and that might keep it affordable.

If there is interest I'll see if he is willing to build a few more. It was done as a favor to me, he usually is building factory parts or stuff for aircraft.

You have to click for the pic for some reason?

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Love it! Have a six piston Tokico sitting around, will try it. Think it will be overkill??? The six piston always had less "feel" than the 4 piston. Ran both on my GS1150 converted to USD forks and the fours always felt more linear and easier to modulate...Will try it anyway, just cause it's lying around and fully serviced....Thanks for the post.
We'll be able to compare...But from past experience with the six vs four, I know the four has better feel...Always liked Nissin over Tokico....Cheers, Brian:D


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If ever he's not interested or his cost is way out there, I could approach my machinist (also a sponsor) and get a price from him...Just saying. In alum.:D
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