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GSXR 4 piston Tokico brake caliper

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It is on! Works better than the stocker with HH pads already, and it is 17f for my ride home with them. They can only get better as the tires can heat up. Feel is way up, it is a true 2 finger brake now.

My biggest complaint with the stock cal was how it lacked feel, especially as the longer stops got towards the end, they would go numb. This just bites right to the end, and modulation thru the lever is super controlled. As it warms up I might be tempted to try a master with a mm or two bigger piston but it will be a matter of fine tuning, it is right at the goal line now.

My buddy is a master machinist, and it took us, (really him, :D) most of 7 hours to design, fab and fit the bracket. Now that we have a prototype, I asked if he would want to sell them. He suggested that steel brackets would be easier to build and that might keep it affordable.

If there is interest I'll see if he is willing to build a few more. It was done as a favor to me, he usually is building factory parts or stuff for aircraft.

You have to click for the pic for some reason?

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Looks awesome! How's much slack is left in the brake line, looks like the banjo bolt is an inch or two lower.

What year caliper is that?
keep us posted on the mass production of these :D

and lets see some better pics! :D
That looks good!! I would buy one if we could get a good looking adapter plate for a reasonable price :D

It looks like you got some deep grooves cut into your rotor, whats up with that??
Sent it out to SSR and and have them make one :D
If we can find reasonably priced calipers this will be cheaper than the Brembo caliper mod. Plus rebuild parts and pads will be easier to find as well.

Keep us posted, I am most likely in for that price. I got a feeling these would be hot sellers if he can make them look nice :D
Great work us on on mod no one else can have unless they know a master machinist haha
bump for an update, is he gonna make these thing for us :D

SSR just raised their price up to $100 for the bracket.. So now this would for sure be a WIN price wise..
Hoping for snow tomorrow so you can build me a prototype :D haha

I really want to get in a good ride, I need the snow to melt up in the mountains..
Just read online that these years all all the same mounting points:

2001 – 2002 GSXR1000
2000 - 2003 GSXR750
2001 - 2003 GSXR600

But here is the kicker, the GSXR600/750 has a 4 piston caliper, and the GSXR1000 has a 6 piston caliper.. Goes onto talking that the GSXR1000 caliper is a huge improvement over the 600/750 caliper, and also a VERY popular upgrade..

So if you are able to get these brackets made I will for sure want to try out a GSXR 1000 caliper :D
Maybe I will get the 4 piston to get it up and running first then.. Dont want to go to far ahead and have to re-do everything only to have more down time...

I have not had fairing on my bike in probably 6 weeks, I keep getting parts in the mail so I didnt want to put it back together only to take it apart haha
1 - 11 of 40 Posts
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