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Hey everyone,

I've been a member for a month or two now and will be getting my SE Ninja 300 in two weeks. My price was $4,999 not counting dealer fees. I love that there's no sales tax in OR :D

I finished Basic Rider Training (BRT Oregon) on the 21st and got my endorsement on the 22nd!

I'm new to riding and motorcycles in general, but I look forward to becoming part of the community and getting out on the road. As a 19-year old college kid, I'm going to do my best to ride safe, remember what I was taught, and stay out of trouble. There's no room for jack-assery on the roads, and I want to break the stereotype of young riders being irresponsible knuckleheads.

If you're near Portland or Vancouver, WA let me know. A few buddies of mine own 300's and we're looking forward to an awesome riding season this summer. Wish me luck!


Gear: Joe Rocket Comet Jacket (black)
JR Phoenix 3.0 pants (gunmetal)
JR BigBang 2.0 boots (black)
JR GPX 2.0 gloves (white)
Hawk GLD-904 Modular Helmet (Matte Black)

Soon to come on the bike....
Full M4 exhaust with PCV
Shorty shift lever
+1 front sprocket (to stretch out the gears a bit, 1st feels too short)
Fender Eliminator
HID headlights? (Still doing research)

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Welcome from the pacific northwest. Im in Wenatchee WA. I got my first street bike at 19. It was a 1989 Honda Interceptor 250 and I still have a little bit of a scar on my shoulder to remind me of the day I brought it home. Ride safe. That is my only crash since then and now Im 37 :) Knock on wood! It sounds like you have your head on straight. The 300 has quite a bit of low end torque and you can definitely take it easy at first and give it that mellow break in Kawasaki sooo thinks it deserves while you get used to it. It can really do so much more and I am not even shifting above 7k yet :) Have fun man. This is a great community.
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