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Got my 300 yesterday!!

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Well, I can stop lurking and officially join the 300 club. Thanks to the advice in this forum, I decided to pull the trigger yesterday!

Ninja 300 ABS with 5 year extended warranty and straps for $6,750.00 OTD. How did I do (be honest)?


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Thats one sexy bike. As for the price? Depends on where you are from
thats pretty high and more than i would pay for a 300 dealers by me are willing to sell for $5000 out the door without abs. At the end of the day its still a 300 and $6k plus is an awful lot
You wont get a 300 in Australia for $5000
If your in OZ $6,750.00 is good with the extended warranty
I was looking at the limited edition with ABS and the best they could do was $6800 with no extra warranty
I got the ebony one without ABS and I paid $6100 took me 3 dealers to find one that would knock any money off and he only took $100 the demand so high if you walk out the door the next person in will buy it
Congrats on your new bike! I remember when they delivered mine and the feeling when I saw it on the trailer all by it self, awesome! :D As for the price, I don't know where you are, but that sounds good. I got mine (ABS SE Model too) for $6490 OTD, but I didn't get an extended warranty and I don't know what straps are? I live in Los Angeles.
Careful on the extended warranty. Most performance upgrades can void parts or all of the warranty. 5years of not touching performance parts is tough to resist. Correct me if I am wrong.

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Congrats. Great looking bike. Sometimes I think I should've got the green. But I couldn't wait lol.
Congrats on the bike! You'll LOVE it. At the end of the day, as long as you're happy with what you got, it doesn't matter how much OTD. IMO.

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Congrats on the bike.

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Congrats on the bike! You did well on the price, I paid $6900 OTD for my SE ABS with only the standard 1 year warranty (I didn't feel like arguing over the price on an entry level bike).
Very nice! I really wish I had been patient enough to save up the money for ABS.

I wouldn't worry too much about the price; they vary so much from region to region that there isn't any real way to make a good comparison. Dealers are pretty reluctant to budge on 300 prices since they don't receive any incentives from Kawasaki for the bikes.
Be happy you could just walk in and get yours! I've been on the wait list for 4 months (and I still don't know when it's coming)!
Welcome, and gosh that is a pretty bike ya got there ;)

As other have said, as long as your happy with your OTD then it wasn't too much. :)
Price varies so much by country and even within the states so it all boils down to demand/location/ect. The bike is wonderful, so I don't think you'll be disappointed one bit.
Congrats! I got one out the door for $6,300.00 with the 5 year transferable warranty and tire and wheel. So I think you did great! Be safe!
The dealer I'm doing business with said 5500 otd but he said its ebony n it's an se...but I didn't kno SE's come n black...do they?
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