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GoPro Hero3 White, bad video quality?

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So I bought a GoPro HERO3 White Edition from GoPro's official website last week. So I went for a ride around my neighborhood area to get a quick short video to check the quality. I recorded it in 720p 30fps, but it generally sucks in my opinion. Check out the video below, it looks the same pre-rendered, so it's not Sony vegas or YouTube making it bad.

(Ignore the bad driving and non-stopping at stop signs :D The roads in the area I live in are pretty empty since we're 15 miles outside the city)

The picture quality (single snapshots) are crystal clear, but the video capture seriously seems bad. I expected a lot more out of a $200 GoPro :/ In the video it looks like it's not even getting the full 30fps.

I set it to 1080p, so I'm going to test that out tomorrow to see if that helps the quality any. Any suggestions on how to make it better? Is there something I'm missing?
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That model was made more for action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, bmx riding, and skating where the center focal point is the main concern on the camera and the edges typically lack quality. If you want to race around the block or a track and have someone stand on a corner and film you driving by the camera would probably work remarkably well under those circumstances. But if your driving around filming things like in your video where there really isn't a focal point, you notice the exterior edges lack quality. It's a good camera, just bought the wrong one for your situation I think. Sorry :/
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