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I love the new wider ratio trans, much better than the old 250 in both spread and shift action precision. However, the gearing on the 300 is very low in first, and I was using second gear most of the time from a dead stop. Even with a passenger it was better than first which was more noise than action IMO.

On went a 2008-12 15t counter shaft sprocket, fit perfectly and suddenly I have a useable first gear! Nice mod, and I'm a guy who runs super short gears on everything I own. My Mustang has 4.56s and my KTM 950 SMR had a -2 front CS so I like my peppy gearing.

Another +, I think the speedo will be closer to actual speed now, stock it runs higher than actual speed. I'll verify that with a GPS ASAP but so far I'm convinced it is actually dong the speed it is reading.
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Adjust chain to proper tension, tighten wheel. I gave the CS nut a few taps with the impact gun, you don't need to murder it and I'm sure there is a torque spec but i do alot of these and the lock washer gets bent over to retain it too. A large slip lock plier makes this easy, simply engage the lip and a flat on the opposite side of the nut and squeeze it flat along the nut using a new, fresh edge of the washer so it doesn't weaken and break off.

Reassemble the speedo sensor, recrimp the wire strap and the replace the shifter/cover.

Go ride it and tell me it isn't how the bike should be delivered! :D

The adjusting the chain part, is that something a noob should be doing? I really want to do this mod, but unbolting my tire sounds scary if i dont get it back on right. Am I reading to much into it?
I'm by no means a mechanic or anything, but I'm not mechanically challenged either. so it looks like I just loosen the nut on the left side and remove the kotter pin and loosen the nut on the right side and move tire as needed. I see the little marker thing there as well to check and make sure each side is lined up right.
thanks, i'll be sure to re-read when my sprocket gets here...
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