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Anyone have a spare shift lever they want to unload from a replacement rear set or some such? I managed to join the "I dropped my brand new bike" club. Surprised at how damage it caused, I was trying to move it around in the garage, normally I'd sit on it to do it, had to get off to navigate a tight corner and it happened to fast I'm not even sure how it did happen. Amazed at how much damage I did consider I, basically, just layed it down slowly and with no forward motion, not like it literally dropped in a free fall. I managed to hold on to it all the way down.

Anyways, clutch lever broken, cowlings all scratched up, bank angle sensor on LH foot peg broken off and shift lever bent to heck. And that shift lever is not exactely a thin piece of metal, I was really surprised, it pushed in all the way against the frame so you can't move it up and down any longer, managed to pull it off easily enough from the bike but I can't unbend it.

Talk about heartbreak and anger at myself. Not to mention the weird confluence of things that all had to come together to lead to it happening. Put snowblower away for winter it was behind bike, decides to snow now, had to move bike to get snowblower from behind it, had to get off bike because of a sharp corner, just on and on.

btw, in lieu of that anyone know an aftermarket adjustable/foldable gear shift lever for the 300?
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