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G'day all

unfortunately i dont own a Ninja300.... yet;)

however today i went to my local kwaka dealer and took one for a test ride and fell in love with it right away

i have been riding road bikes for 17 year or more, owned fireblade 250 - CBR250RR, VFR800, K1200RS, K1200LT and currently own a 1991 model suzuki GSX250F Across, done many kilometers on bikes and about 10 years ago circumnavigated australia via highway number 1 on my vfr800, travelled 17,922 kilometers in 9 weeks.

i have no need for a large heavy motorcycle, and my across being 21 years old is starting to get a bid sad and im kinda getting tired of repairing it

id love a cbr1100 black bird, but cant really justify it as i dont get much of a chance to ride other then commute

id also love a triumph sprint GT 1050 but for the same reason as above, i dont really need it

but what i do need is a motorcycle that doesn’t aggravate my right shoulder and leave me at the end of a ride in tears from sheer pain and take away all my enjoyment of riding motorcycles in the first place.

well today , i think i finally found that motorcycle, the ninja 300.the dealer didnt have the 300 ABS i want to own, so i took the one they had for a ride and i absolutely love the bolt upright riding position.fantastic.i was out today for about half an hour or so and when returned to the dealer, no pain or aggravation in my right shoulder... YIPPIE!!!

had a chat to the dealer and asked them to chase me up some prices on th ninja300 with abs, plus genuine bubble screen, k&n cleaner, two brothers pipe, ventura rack, power commander 5.

dunno if i will get all of it, but id doesn’t hurt to do some homework i guess.

2 things i didnt like, a the seat is hard as a rock, but i know how to fix it already with some seat gel and the vibration thru the left foot peg. the vibration the footpeg is easy to fix. cut up a car tyre tube and get a piece about the size of a postage stamp. lift the peg up a bit and slide the rubber between the peg and the frame and let the peg down again.might need 2 bits of it, but will work a treat.has done on every other motorcycle i have done it to for years.

have a few questions to ask, but will find the right part of the forum for them.

anyhow, thats me in a nutshell:)

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Never noticed that vibration, or it never bothered me, but good tip.

Always great to read experienced riders impression of this bike. Welcome to the forum and to the world of small displacement Kawasaki.
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