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I got annoyed (mostly laziness) parking the bike, walking to the garage door keypad, opening it, and then getting back on the bike and putting it in the garage. Here is a mod, I did in under an hour. I am missing one picture, but the rest are easy.

1. Go to radio shack, buy the following parts
Part # 2751566 - Push Button - $3.19
Part # 2781219 - Cable - 20 gauge - $8.99
2. Get your tools, Allen wrenches to open the bike and a solder gun (w/ solder).
3. Open your garage door opener remote. Find the two leads to solder together. Best way is to see where the button meets the circuit board.
4. Solder two wires approximately 4 feet to each side of the circuit board leads.
5. Solder the other end of the wires to the push button.
6. Test the push button.
7. Take apart the bike and mount the remote under the seat (I used velcro tape)
8. Run the cable through the bike and to your mount point.
9. Mount your push button. (You can even drill a whole, I didn't want to).
10. Put your bike together.
11. Post here to let us know you did it. :)

Pictures Below:

I am missing the solder picture, sorry :(


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That's brilliant. I usually ride with my remote in my jacket pocket, but it takes me a little bit to find the button through the jacket with gloves on.
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