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Full throttle / Full front brake / aggressive downshifts = ?

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In planning for the worst, I wanted to know if:

Full front brake (or generally heavy front braking) on the 300 can send you over the bars, or flip the bike?

Open throttle from stand still will flip the bike back? (or go to a wheelie)

Aggressive down shifting or "engine braking" can either flip the bike or knock you off?

Obviously this depends on speed, but my understanding is these are all prevalent on more powerful bikes. So are these are easy to do / possible on the 300?

*Please don't actually try any of this, don't want anyone to get hurt! Just share any experiences you have*
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Good to know, so I made the right choice not getting a 600cc bike :)
Pretty sure if you didn't know the answers to those questions you made the right choice. Have you taken a MSF course?

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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