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I know you guys are sick of my questions
but this is the first forum i have joined that i dont get
flamed for asking question
so here goes

I am riding more and more each day and i need to install a 12v
adapter. I bought a weather proof one from cycle gear but the
lengths are about a foot to 2 feet for the wires. SO i have been
leaning towards installing it in the cubbyhole under the passenger
seat than running cable to the front

Has anyone installed a 12v adapter to their 300 and if so can
you give me tips on placement and if the front is better to mount
versus under the seat

i would really like to place it up front if at all possible that way i can
charge my phone, gps or gloves as well

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Is this a cigarette lighter adapter?

leave the plug end under the seat and run your usb charger's wire to the front. It's much easier to buy a longer usb adapter than it is to get a longer 12v battery adapter.

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I installed mine on the dash next to the gauge pod. What I did was just soldered on some more wire to the ends of the ones that it came with to lengthen them, ran it directly to the battery, its convenient for me.

heres some vids, one about where I think a switch( happened to be on heated grips) or an adapter could go beyond what I did, and also another on how I wired mine.

At 8 minutes 16 seconds me talking about the plug starts. I shoed how to wire the grips, but the 12v plug goes in the same location.

By the way! your questions are by no means a burden! I like helping others any way I can, and I know if I have a question the forum members will be there for me as well =D
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