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Front calliper on rear wheel

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Hi All, Ive just upgraded the front caliper to a Tokico 4 pot so I have the stock front caliper as a spare. I was thinking of putting it on the back as the rubber on the rear calliper is seriously degraded and it needs a repair kit.

They look almost identical except for the location of the bleeder valve?

Can I proceed? Obviously the rotor is smaller on the rear....
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Same part nbumber in the manual so I guess its the same part and the answer is yes
Wont the bleeder be on the bottom? You will never get the brake bled with the bleeder at the lowest point on the caliper unless I suppose you bled it with the caliper off and upside down so the bleeder is up top.

Why not just take the rubber bushings out of your spare caliper and replace the worn ones?

Or do you mean the piston seals? You could swap those too or just replace with new seals, the kit is $20. I do some dodgy stuff from time to time lol but never to my brakes…
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All good, had initial bleed but still no pressure. Fits the smaller disk perfectly.
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