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• Do not engage in personal attacks.
• Do not post libelous remarks or directly misleading information.
• Do not post the same discussion topic more than once or in many forums. Please post topics in their proper forums.
• Participants may not post or bump threads to pad post counts. Bumping is posting useless information, posting one-liners or any other action to deliberately keep a thread hot.
• Do not take every opportunity to express your disagreement, incite argument, insult each other, or fan flames. Voice you opinion respectfully and then let it go.
• In disagreements, avoid personal attacks (the first rule) and logical fallacies. E.g. the 'strawman argument', which is an attempt to misrepresent your opponent's argument to make it easier to knock down.
Here's a convenient link to a list of common logical fallacies to avoid.
• Posts containing vulgar language that are overly explicit or obscene, images or links to websites with adult content/images are not allowed.
Trolling and/or Cyberstalking are NOT allowed and grounds for account restriction.
• Be mindful of yourself and others. This forum is not a democracy; it is privately owned and we make the rules. If rules are violated we retain the right at our discretion to remove, edit or delete posts and if necessary ban or remove members. Any abuse toward our staff may/will result in immediate suspension of your account. Complaints about moderator decisions may not be made in posts; instead send a private message to a moderator. If a moderator deletes or edits one of your posts or titles and you disagree with the action, contact the moderator concerned. Do not repost deleted material.
• The owners of the site have an interest in its functionality, legibility and curb-appeal for existing and prospective members. To that end, thread-titles which are vague, misspelled, not punctuated, don't contain leading capitals or capitals for proper nouns, have poor grammar, or are simply sloppily-written and need an edit will likely be edited by a moderator to address any or all of these concerns.

Posting standards: Forum members may use standard fonts available on the forum. The standard font size is 2. The use of bold, large or colored fonts should be used sparingly. Posts containing inappropriate formatting will be removed or modified at our discretion; e.g. all caps or excessive color. E-mail addresses and web addresses are not appropriate forum user names.

Signature Standards: Signatures are setup in your profile. They will appear at the bottom of every post you make.

  • Signatures must be kept to a maximum of six lines (including blank lines) and contain no more than two links (no commercial links permitted). Participants may not post affiliate links.
  • Signature may not include email addresses or prompts to contact or a sales pitch.
  • Signatures cannot contain lewd, vulgar or offensive material and we reserve the right to alter or remove your signature and or it's contents at any time without explanation.
  • Signatures must follow our forums posting standards and only one line may be bolded.
  • Signatures may contain one image not to exceed 468 x 60 pixels.
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