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This is nothing more than an observation...I haven't ridden my little Ninja in a few weeks as much of my time has been taken up with my 'new to me' 96 Honda Helix. The Helix needed a full cosmetic refresh as well as as a thorough cleaning and replacement of virtually all maintenance and wear items.

The Helix looks beautiful and is crazy comfortable to ride...but I still can't totally get used to the feet forward, cruiser type of riding position with complete wind protection. I rode it yesterday and actually missed the feel of the wind blasting me while on the highway!

Back on the Ninja today for an 88 mile ride through the winding country roads and it brought a huge smile to my face. All feels right with the world when I'm on the Ninja...it's not a true sport bike riding position, more like a slightly sportier 'standard' position? Either way, it felt great. The power and handling of the Ninja is just about perfect for me.
(pic of '96 Helix with 7300 miles included..'cause we all like pics..)
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