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For you california riders [Lane Splitting]

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Like I said I have seen many people rear end each other in bumper to bumper traffic when we were only moving forward about 5 ft at a time.

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I live in California, and I almost always go to the front of traffic when waiting at a light, and I've even begun to notice that a lot of people will see me coming up between traffic and move slightly over to let me by. Only once did someone actually turn to block me.

But when traffic is moving, I basically work my way through traffic only splitting to change lanes but for the most part going with the flow of traffic. I also rarely drive in traffic because I usually only ride on my days off when I head up the coast to hit the canyons.

I also understand that people do get "freaked out" when someone screams past them, inches from the side of their car. Aside from the shock, a lot of people I've talked to are afraid when motorcycles split lanes because they don't want to injure someone that is passing them that they never saw coming. With this in mind, I'm always conscious of moving smoothly past cars if I do lane split. :D
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Thanks. I love the drive channel on youtube. Great videos and lots of great tips.
Btw, splitting cars that are stopped at a light isn't always about "being first" off the line, I do it mainly for safety... We've all seen the youtube video of the biker being rear ended as he stopped behind a car. People can't see bikes, so I like to use other cars like my own personal 'cage' while waiting at a light.

My opinion doesn't mean I disrespect others. As stated, yes there is situations where it may be appropriate. I just don't find every regular ride to be reason to lane split. I know personally I have though "Wow, what an a$$hole!" when I have had bikers do it to me and nearly clip my car or choke their bikes as they are passing like it's cool. Maybe personal experience is what has caused me to think this way? Who knows.
Wow, that vid is scary! Can easily see how it happens though.

Not the best example of where lane splitting would have been an option though. But I have seen similar videos at stop lights where a bike was rear ended after sitting there for a good 5 seconds. In those scenarios, lane splitting to get to the front could have helped.
how did my thread get hijacked. I started a thread called dor you california riders and this isnt it
how did my thread get hijacked. I started a thread called dor you california riders and this isnt it
They combined two threads into one because they were similar.
Both were talking about Lane Splitting and info.
No need to have 2 threads for the same concept,
threads combined.
Lane Splitting is part of the reason I want to start riding, sitting in traffic in CA is not fun. A lot of motorcyclist split lanes here in traffic, I just keep an eye out for them and pull to the edge of the lane to give them room. I usually get a thumbs up or wave from them. I very rarely see any high speed lane splitting, but then again I drive a little fast ;)
Most of the time you will only see the bikes in cali split lanes at lower speeds cause we all know how fast a car can ruin your day. But there are thoes that have no respect for anyone and thoes are also the ones that will do stunts on the road with traffic as well. I know that if I'm in my truck I will move over if I can but to tell the truth it is better to just drive safe. As said in the vid it is our life and it is up to you as a rider to be safe.
Great video, thanks. Every day when I commute in Orlando Florida there are multiple instances where lane splitting would get me out of traffic quicker and make me safer at stop lights. Maybe someday..

I totally resonate with the things the riders in this video are saying. I am in control of my own safety when I ride, I actually feel safer on my bike than I do in a car because I can see more, I can respond quicker, and I am smaller and take up less emergency space. If only I could lane split, it would make me feel so much safer at a stop light if I could que to the front.
Today I realized I am pro lane splitting. For the most part. Done correctly.

I was on the freeway in rush hour and it was horrid. Feet up. Feet down. Feet up. Feet down. Shift to second? Oh! Feet down. My left hand started to cramp up feathering so much.

Now lane splitting isn't legal in az... But... I split a few cars to get to an exit and decided I'd rather deal with red lights. Not to mention I really did not like how it was bumper to bumper. Everyone that got behind me I felt couldnt get any closer.
Re: First Decent ride...and the wife's reaction.

I kinda did some lane splitting the other day. Some retard was sitting in a turn lane on a red light with no oncoming traffic so I just went around him. Immediately he went behind me. Guess he was either pissed or that oblivious.

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