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For you california riders [Lane Splitting]

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Can't we all just get along. :D
thanks didn't see a reason for 2 in diff spots.:D
^ Amen! I bought my Scion at the Toyota dealership by the Pink Pony in Tampa..
I was white knuckled during my test drive because people were nearly rear ending me at every flippin' stop!
this is why I will lane split. when I get rear-ended in a towtruck you can think how fast it could happen on a bike.
Most of the time you will only see the bikes in cali split lanes at lower speeds cause we all know how fast a car can ruin your day. But there are thoes that have no respect for anyone and thoes are also the ones that will do stunts on the road with traffic as well. I know that if I'm in my truck I will move over if I can but to tell the truth it is better to just drive safe. As said in the vid it is our life and it is up to you as a rider to be safe.
1 - 6 of 54 Posts
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