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Whoa. Breath in... Breath out...

You good now?

If you watch the rest of his videos, his riding is fine. **** happens, people drop bikes.

He also works at the Blockbuster where he was parking. Perhaps he has permission to park it there? I know I would if I could. Less likely that some cager knocks your bike over and makes it easier to keep an eye on from inside the store. Also, it's a tiny concrete island just beside the stairs, it's not like he's blocking an important walkway.
It's harder to see from that window than if it was parked in one of those parking spots. That's an attention ***** move. No question about it. He prob got more attention than he wanted that time.

You can also get a ticket for parking on the sidewalk. Even if he owns the blockbuster.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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