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Hi All,
I just took my 2016 EX w ABS Ninja out that I got from my friend. (67 miles on odometer and basically brand new).
He needed it out of his garage and never rode it for so he unloaded it on me for some charitable donations :)):))

Anyway, I've been riding and working on dirt/motocross/street bikes since 2005 when I caught the "bug" so you can use that as a barometer. (Suzukis and Hondas)

The bike hadn't been started since 2017. I changed all the fluids, drained the gas tank and bought a new battery. As the tires were brand new, I thought, let me see how they hold up and if there are any flat spots in them.
The bike started immediately. I was impressed. I let it idle but after 3 minutes, noticed some white smoke coming out of the header pipe connection to the motor and to the muffler. Then I noticed a little white smoke coming from engine block. Crap, I'm thinking this thing is going to explode. After 5 minutes, the smoke stopped. I'm thinking, I'm going to stay close to home and test this bike out. I was extremely careful not to spill oil anywhere so I'm thinking that the prior owner may have and that was what caused the white smoke to occur and burn off. (anyone else have an idea of this?)
Other than this, the engine sounded smooth and idled perfectly.
This bike is rock solid and a hoot. I rode over to a nearby college campus where the parking lot and campus roads were totally empty. I did some figure eights and starts and stops to get used to the bike's handling and to wear in the tires a bit. After this little break-in, I decided to take it to the roads where there are some twisties and I can feel the response and balance of this bike. I also rode each gear to 9k and back down to "help" the pistons seat. OMG, it was so fun, I was able to scrub the tires down even more and the bike handled like a gem. I did notice when I took my hands off the handlebars decelerating from 65 down to 35 that the bar started shimmying with a light wobble (WTH). I thought, crap, the tires either have a flat spot from sitting for so long or I've got the dreaded steering stem bearing issue that I've read about. Anyway, despite that, the bike handled well and everything shifted smoothly. I even did clutchless shifting (as I do on my other bikes) and this baby handled it beautifully. Please note, I only do clutchless shifting when upshifting and not downshifting for obvious reasons. I've decided to continue to use the tires for a bit as I just commute around the back streets where I live for now and see if that shimmying changes. I find it hard to believe the steering stem bearings would be that bad with so few miles.

Bottom line: This bike put a huge grin on my face throughout the ride. It is easy to ride and I can't wait to ride my favorite rides in the Santa Cruz mountains where there are tons of twisties. It's got enough horsepower for my needs, handles very well, has good brakes (I didn't test the ABS out yet). A few more break-in days then another oil change and I'll be good to go. I give it a 10/10 (I'm discounting the shimmying as that may be due to my tires)
Ride safe everyone. ATGATT
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