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Excited but lots to fix

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Just got it! However front brakes are metal on metal, broken mirror, lots of slack in chain, a lot of give in the suspension, and it felt really hot on the way home 馃槵


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Welcome! Hope the heat problem is nothing serious. The rest seems to be easily solvable.
welcome! That bike looks very well kept besides the digger it took on the left side, how many miles are on her? WHat do you mean by hot? Mine throws off a good bit of heat sometimes. Not as much as most bikes but you can still feel it on your legs. Like Topaz said, all the other stuff is a breeze...

I bought my bike after it had been laid down and it has the rash and a few cracks in the plastic same as yours. My handlebar and shift lever were bent (your shifter looks bent too?) but those were easy to replace. Mine has always run perfectly though, hopefully yours will too!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts