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eBay integrated tail light issue

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Hey guys, I've ran into a little problem. So I bought this integrated tail light from eBay but it has all 5 wires bunched up into one connector.


I tried a bunch of random combinations and ended up popping my turn signal fuse by accident. It didn't come with any wire specifics so I'm pretty much stuck at this point. Any suggestions?
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What did you use to black them out?

Was it easy to open the casing?

Did you have to reseal the casing?

Here is a pic of what im talking about.
Did you ever fix that blue light problem?
Hi, I bought the same tail light for a 2014, it looks identical.. Any one want to help me through what goes where? I tried with the help of one of my mechanic friends to install this with no luck.

Do I need a relay or does it work off stock flasher relay?

He said there was no ground?
Sekushii Said the Green wire was ground. Read his post.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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