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Dear N300 fanactics,

Is it me or the N300 is very easy to vapor lock?

Let me explain... while the bike stays in the hot sunny day,,, after a few day I need to prime the fuel pump many times until the bike starts.

At first, I thought it was the gas tank had vacuum (fuel cooled down after few hot days) so I open the gas cap before starting. Still takes 1-2 minutes of cranking to get it started.

If I use the bike every day or two it's start right away. But when the tank is starting to purge (hissing) in the sun, I get hard start after 2-3 days of sitting.

It doesn't do it if I don't leave the bike in the sun.

I am thinking the vapor lock is happening in the hose feeding the injectors.

Battery is new and charged.

N300 MY 2017 4k miles
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