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Anyone know any good decal websites that will do customs or should I go to the one in the mall.

Is there a special decals that should be only used on the motorcycle plastic
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Any vinyl decal will adhere to the plastics so no worries there ;)
I would just try to go for a good quality vinyl, if you don't your risking quicker fading and/or the decals drying out, possibly chipping.

Some websites I recommend are;

Hope this helps.
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The stuff on his rims is called reflective rim tape ;)
My wife's last Ninja was black with Kawi green rims and decals. I tinted her windscreen and got a vinyl of an actual cowgirl with a lasso and cowboy hat planted right on it. A banner underneath the graphic read "Kawgirl" in Kawi Ninja font of course

Maybe you can go with the ninja girl theme and do something cool. Doesn't have to be an actual girl ninja plastered on the bike but a little imagination can create something awesome
Agreed, and what better way to personalize your bike ;)
I think it would look cute :)

I could work up some ninja chicks on my computer programs if you want?
Your seat cowl?
Windscreen would look better IMO

how do ya like this?
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You will get mixed opinions, I hate naked bikes...
Some people like em...not me.
I have never been a fan of text on rim tape but it's your bike, as long as you like it that is all that matters ;)
You can't just go around saying that without an actual pic comparison, it's been ruined by one too many fans liking the character and just convincing themselves they look like her ;)
there was a pic of me on here.......I took it off when someone on the forum started being all creepy
Go figure.... *eye roll*
dogs will be dogs.
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