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Dealer Fees? Southern California especially!

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What kind of dealer fees have you guys been able to get waived when buying the 300? I visited a dealer more for an exploratory visit (wasn't yet ready to sit down and make a deal), and he quoted me some pretty outrageous fees. On the base model Ninja 300, they wanted MSRP of $4799 + tax, title, license fee (no problem paying those) plus setup and freight fees. Came to $6300 out the door.

Have any of you been successful getting dealers to waive those freight/setup fees? I am happy to pay MSRP with no haggling and to also pay tax/title/license, but those other fees seem ridiculous. The California DMV site indicates that the total fees and registration for a 2013 motorcycle amount to $484, which would bring the total to $5283.

I'd appreciate any advice. Am I being unrealistic to think they would waive those fees on a hot bike that is selling like crazy in the area?

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I live in NH so I didnt have tax, but I paid around what your gonan pay because of this addon ****...

but as far as tax alone I see why your price is so high
Well, I'm pretty committed to not paying the extra fees, even if it means waiting a while. ;) But we'll see. I'm planning on walking in with actual cash...that has a way of convincing people when they see it in front of them.

I'd still love to hear about other people's success/failure with getting dealers to waive fees!
I bought the SE model with ABS, the MSR was $5499, plus $600 for tax, licence and registration, and the only dealer fee was the shipping (the price the dealer pays to have it shipped from Kawasaki) was just under $400. My out the door price was $6490. I went to Mid-Cities in Paramount, they are about 30 miles from my place (in Santa Monica) but they are totally cool. Jim the sales guy is strait up and they don't have any B.S. charges. Plus they took 15% off any accessories that I wanted for the bike. I talked with a few other dealers in the L.A. area, and they all had huge shipping and "set-up" fees. Set up fees are basically for the dealer taking the bike out of the crate and bolting on the mirrors and a few other little things. I went to a dealer in Marina Del Rey and they wanted to charge $900 for shipping and $600 for set-up. I looked on Yelp, and Mid-Cities was the only dealer with a 5 star rating, the rest were all about 1 or 2 star. After talking with a handful of dealers, I now know why.
Have you investigated whether it's true that dealers pay a separate charge for shipping? I've read in numerous places that Kawasaki includes shipping in the dealer price. I've yet to see a Ninja 300 invoice so I can't say for sure.
When I went to get my bike I told him that other dealers were jacking up the shipping charges and that they had set up fees (they have no set up fees) and he showed me the invoice for the shipping that the dealer was charged. In all my research I found that there are always shipping fee with new motorcycles and cars also, I don't know anyone who hasn't paid for this. (although they are often inflated by some dealer) Their also called destination fees.
Hmm. Strange, since that Australian price list made no mention of shipping fees, and that list was pretty clear about the invoice, tax, and dealer margin. Can't imagine things would be that different or that the Aussies wouldn't get charged for shipping.
I don't know anything regarding Australia, but here in California everyone I know has paid shipping (or destination) fees for a new motorcycle. I have heard of dealers reducing the price on some models, but it's always taken off the retail price, and not any shipping or set-up fees. Although with the 300 being a new and very popular model, you might have a tough time with that. If your southern California, I highly recommend you call Jim at Mid-Cities Kawasaki, tell him what your looking for, and he'll give you a good price.
Yeah, fair enough. I talked to a dealer yesterday who mentioned that they do pay $395 for shipping. It's the setup fee that is bogus. Thanks for the tip on Mid-Cities. They're about two hours from my house but for the right price I could make that trip.

Here's my current thinking on fair pricing. Does this sound reasonable?

  • Based on the Australia price list, there's a 13.6% margin for dealers over the invoice price. I'm assuming the margin is the same worldwide since it comes from Kawasaki.
  • That calculates to $652.66, which leads to a "true" dealer invoice of $4160.
  • Adding $395 for shipping and $484 for CA tax/title/license, we're looking at a "minimum" price (no dealer profit) of $5039.
  • Adding a $300 profit on top of those non-negotiable fees puts us just over $5300, which is (coincidentally) just over the "MSRP + tax" price people have gotten. That's a 7% profit for a dealer, which sounds low, but we all know the margin on motor vehicles of all kinds are quite small.

Thoughts? Poke holes in my math/thinking?
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Don't rely on the Australian list. Trust me.
Why? Curious.
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