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Dealer Fees? Southern California especially!

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What kind of dealer fees have you guys been able to get waived when buying the 300? I visited a dealer more for an exploratory visit (wasn't yet ready to sit down and make a deal), and he quoted me some pretty outrageous fees. On the base model Ninja 300, they wanted MSRP of $4799 + tax, title, license fee (no problem paying those) plus setup and freight fees. Came to $6300 out the door.

Have any of you been successful getting dealers to waive those freight/setup fees? I am happy to pay MSRP with no haggling and to also pay tax/title/license, but those other fees seem ridiculous. The California DMV site indicates that the total fees and registration for a 2013 motorcycle amount to $484, which would bring the total to $5283.

I'd appreciate any advice. Am I being unrealistic to think they would waive those fees on a hot bike that is selling like crazy in the area?

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From michigan: Ninja 300 ABS- $6,370.92 and the guy at the dealer said he could save some money off. so.. probably $6200 OTD?
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