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Custom Seat Creations

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I picked up a set of seat covers from Custom Seat Creations for real cheap. I put them on today, but I'm still not sure about them. Be honest, what do you think? Rear cover with or without the strap?

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Need to see the whole bike to really get an idea. I had thought about a seat in black with green stitching but every time I put green on it the bike looks cheesy to me.
As is it needs alot more green.

Alot more green.

Maybe this guy 1000X bigger :D on the fairing?
I'm thinking the white might be OK with a plain black front. The problem on your bike is the lack of any other green details. With that heavy a green stripe you need stripes into the body to match it.

If I did a seat with green it would only be green piping at the seam or just the stitching itself. Do you have the stock front cover. I'd ditch that strap too, mine was the first thing tossed. Just deleting that would help.
1 - 5 of 59 Posts
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