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Custom Seat Creations

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I picked up a set of seat covers from Custom Seat Creations for real cheap. I put them on today, but I'm still not sure about them. Be honest, what do you think? Rear cover with or without the strap?

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This is the one I bought. It's made for a 250, but I made it work.
how hard was it to make them work for the 300 seats?
Not hard at all. There was enough material to cover where the seats are shaped differently. You just have to line it up right.
Need to see the whole bike to really get an idea. I had thought about a seat in black with green stitching but every time I put green on it the bike looks cheesy to me.
As you wish.

Eventually there will be more green on it whether it's a paint job or if someone with an ABS model wants to trade bodywork and tanks to have a White ABS model.
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I used a hand stapler, but it was shitty. I might get an air stapler. I also used a re-positionable spray adhesive. It was a lot easier than I thought. An air stapler would make it even easier. They even came with installation instructions.
It's like glue, but you can peel the cover up and re-position the cover until you get it right. I have the green version of that Luimoto seat on my race bike.
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I don't think the Luimoto one will work due to the way it's made. They are also too expensive to just try it and ruin a nice seat cover. I think Luimoto is based out of Vancouver, BC. Why don't you take a ride up there and see what they can do?
nice.. maybe i will try after i get my license plate
What does your license plate have to do with a seat cover?
Looks like a good seat, but not the best look on your bike at the moment. Will need to get more green first so it doesn't stand out as much
I agree.
I did the rear seat in white today, but the color is too different to look good. Any suggestions on a different color for front and rear seats?
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The plan is to eventually paint the bike, maybe like this.

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Yeah that might look pretty good.
My seats are being sent off to Luimoto today so some more options should be available soon :)

So I am stuck riding my 250R until I get my seats back.. Man the stock 250R is SO SLOW haha..
Why is it stock?
I did it again. I changed the seat cover again. This time to a black simulated leather.
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Where are you getting your bulk materials? Is it just a flat piece stretched over the seat foam?
I bought 1/2 of a yard of vinyl at a fabric store. Yep it's just a flat piece stretched over the foam.
I think I'm liking the black front seat with the white rear seat.
No rear pegs why not a cowl?
They're back ordered.
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