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I am about to pull the trigger on some aftermarket fairings to replace cracked fairings on my Ninja SE 300 2014 .

Grille Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle

I found this design i really liked on Monster fairings and asked them to modify it by changing the blue to this "sunrise orange". As well as changing the design to have the smaller pieces be the sunrise orange instead of white and black.

White Wing Aerospace manufacturer Toy Font

White Neck Sleeve Automotive design Orange

White Vehicle Peripheral Automotive design Automotive tire

Monster fairings gave me a quote of $809. Which includes black fairing blot kit and a sunrise orange tank cover.

I then got a quote for the same thing from ABS fairings for $680 not including the tank cover or fairing kit. Which when added would bring the quote to around $800 as well.

I was hoping for some advice on which company to go for. Just want the best quality. Both companies have similar shipping times and seem to have similar reviews. I just havent been able to find anything comparing the two. I am leaning towards monster for the sole reason of it being their design. Also if there is another company that someone would suggest for custom fairings, I am all ears.
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