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I am pulling my hair out over my 2018 Kawasaki Versys. I know it's not a Ninja 300, but it's the same engine. Anyway, the story begins when I wrecked the bike offroad, and broke off the shift lever. Turns out, the shift LEVER is connected to a shift SHAFT that goes straight through the engine to the right side behind the clutch housing. The shift shaft got horribly bent in the wreck, so I had to remove the entire clutch assembly to replace it.

After replacing the clutch, however, I've had issues.
The buttery smooth clutch pull is gone. It's still smoother than a lot of big bikes, but definitely harder to pull than the Ninja 300 clutch should be.
I've had to set the adjustment as far as it will go on both the handlebars and the crank cover to even make the bike ride-able. Even so, there is still tons of freeplay (more than half the pull is deadzone), and the clutch is still slightly engaged at full pull.

I've opened it up and rebuilt it at least 4 more times, and I still have the issues: Sometimes the rebuild makes it worse, sometimes a little better.
I really don't think the cable is stretched. I put very little stress on the cable at any time, and it looks perfect.

Worth mentioning: It worked just fine directly after the wreck. I got it home from the trail entirely in 3rd gear, so I would've noticed if the issues were already present.

I've followed the service manual very carefully each time. The only thing that seems concerning during the rebuild is the play in the "pusher"/"puller" rod, but this seems to be normal.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! I wanna ride, but the dealership wants big bucks just to look at it!
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