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I had the milky oil symptoms after doing work on my engine head, and accidentally (with or without knowing) some coolant poured into the head around the valves. So if there is any chance during routine maintenance that some coolant/water may have poured in there, it could be that if there are no other symptoms. In my case when this happened, I'd just have to ride the bike, and when I was done, open the oil filler cap to allow the steam to flow out. This would eventually sort this out, and then an oil change after almost all the moisture and milky stuff was gone.

Never had this happen during normal or track operation though. I did have a water pump mechanical seal failure this season, and although it is uncommon for both the oil and the water side of the seal to fail and allow cross contamination, it is possible, but more likely the head gasket as aforementioned. That is the only place the coolant is internal on the engine is around the cylinder block, if it's not the water pump.

I think the N300 head and cylinder block studs are TTY as well, so get fresh ones if you're going in there as well. Resurface the cylinder head and cylinder block if you're going in there too like mentioned above, I did this when I did my piston ring change and it came out perfect.

Good luck, hope this helps.

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