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cbr 600 to ninja 300

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just got back from angeles crest for about 54 miles of canyon riding...

i was in a group with 636, honda rvf 400, ninja 300, and my 07 cbr...these guys are fast and the 300 was able to keep up...

now the one with the 300 also has an s1000rr...he keeps spouting how much he prefers the 300 to his bmw...he says it is all day comfortable, solid flickable handling, good looks, blah, blah, blah...he was just gushing over it...so i am thinking that this is just a honeymoon phase and obviously pleased with his new bike...

i need a report on 300 owners that happen to own bigger sportbikes...i know that this is a new bike and have short term saddle time...but i need, should i say, an objective report, if i would enjoy the 300 more for canyon riding than my 600...
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Very interesting seeing the input from riders of larger bikes!
That's a nice setup on the CBR600. Any reason you choose the CBR over other 600s?
That's a nice setup on the CBR600. Any reason you choose the CBR over other 600s?
My friend had one and spoke highly of it. Also, it was probably the best 600 at the time. For purely track, the R6 might have been a little better but I bought it initially for street riding and the midrange power is really nice to have.
I bought a 600 because I heard so much trash talk about a 250R.. I would of been more than happy with a 250R and would of saved a TON of money..

I love the style of street bikes, but I dont care about the straight line speed.. I broke all kinds of laws with my 600 and in the end it never excited me I just did it because I could.. I ride because I enjoy riding, I didnt need something that goes 150mph in 10 seconds (so to speak), I just want to ride in general..

Also wanted to add this because Mike mentioned a 600 being better in the twistys because of the stronger engine.. I am trying to remember this correctly so maybe someone else here has seen it. But I think this is how it goes, but the overall idea is the same. There is a video on youtube of 3 guys on bikes at a track, all high skill level riders. The guy with the camera is on a 250R. Then there is a 600 and a 1000 also on the track. The race starts and 1000 and 600 are gone.. All of a sudden the track starts to get some turns, first he passes the 1000, then he passes the 600 and the 250R stays in the lead though all the turns.. Then they get to the straights and the 600 and 1000 are GONE again, until they get to the twistys and the 250R passes them again..
You mean this one?
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Big props for finding that video! I was lookin for it, and am so glad someone found it! Eyes glues to the screen during that haha. I know laguna like the back of my hand thanks to games like Forza, and it was fun to see that guy rip through the corners like that. Brave late breaking, and very nice exit speed using all the track as he rolled on the throttle. Those other guys weren't pushing it nearly as hard, but dam that looked fun.
Another thing I love about the 300 (or a 250) is that it is not expensive. I always worry about the 600rr being knocked down when I park at places. Not as much with a 300.

If I could only choose one I would choose the 600 but in the city the 600 is too much machine in my opinion. The 300 works well and is affordable. You definitely do notice the weight difference and the 300 has plenty power for street riding.

I drive it over curbs and just generally abuse it...almost like a dualsport but not quite as hardcore.

I just don't worry about it, it was cheap and I have full coverage.
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