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Honestly after I bought the bike I had to take it on the freeway to get it home and I was easily crossing the 7k mark on the odometer. I believe in a somewhere in the middle break in between the manufacturers reccomedation and riding it like you stole it. When I took it in for the 600mi service the service tech said that my bike was broken in completely and I always kept the rpms somewhere between 6-8k before the service. I also have a lot of hills on my commute to work so I was able to up shift and down shift through the entire gearbox as those other threads recommended. I feel that keeping it under 4k rpms as the manual suggests is ridiculous especially since its the same procedure in the 650r manual. Do what you feel is best for the bike but I personally wouldn't baby it too much.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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