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Breaking in is all that have to do with your adrenaline rush. Yes, you need to tame yourself nicely while munching miles on the highway. For some miles lets say 500-600 miles, it is wise to ride under 5k rpm. This would be reflected nicely in the form of return figures, yes you got it right. You may call it fuel efficiency or mileage. So, babying or pampering, this thing really makes the engine smooth. Though many people pamper it long for lets say 1000-1200 miles, it is advisable for occasional bursts till 9-10k rpm. In that case, the engine gets really exposed to the power bands. This is the reason why many prefer a 50-50 break in method.

It is like the more care you take of your babe, the more smiles you gonna get in return.:)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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