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Break locking

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I just got back from what should have been a 8min round trip to bondi for some carby cleaner and well i found the reason why ABS even exists. Turned a sharp corner slowly at about 20kph after stopping at a set of red lights, stupid twit in a car from behind decides to speed up and go infront of me. I pull breaks and bammmm break lock and slide... weeeeeeeeeeee off i go into a rainy abyss. Luckily i didn't drop the bike. Why are aussie drivers so aggressive :eek:
anywho I'm lucky enough to not have dropped a bike yet, my turn will come eventually lol
Hope your all having a good weekend? :p
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Really? Tourists have the balls to challenge the braking power of a truck the size of a train? That has to be stupidity at a new level
Tourists aren't exactly known for intelligence though

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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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