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Well we have an annoying tiered license system where riders and drivers have to sit a computer test for their learners permit, then after 12 months for cars and 3 months for bikes attempt a driving test/ 2 day riding course + test to get a red provisional license (P1 aka red p plater) being restricred to 90kmph.
Thennnn after 12 months the P1 holder can go to the RMS (DMV) to get a Green provisional license (P2) being limited to 100kph which has to be held for 2 years in order to progress to a full unrestricted license.
Cant ride anything over 650cc capacity and some pathetic weight to power ratio till we hold a full riders license :l *sigh*

Am I meant to stay under 90Kmph :D
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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