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Break-In Period

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What is everyone doing for their break in period?

Following the manual or something else?

Right now I am following the manual because its why I have always done in the past.. But this 40MPH top speed is killing me!

The only time I was above the RMP was on my ride home, right off the showroom floor onto the freeway, it was great, but then I have been babying it ever since.
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:eusa_clap: Now that's how to break her in.. LMAO
I went home through the streets like a baby. Someone told me to not follow the hand book for break in so I tool of! lol 150 mile ride the first few weeks I had her.. I slowed down took of.. slow down took of lol I was doing around 1300 miles a month on mine.. the 300 could take it believe me Ive done all my oil changes and check ups on time my bike is great and runs like new.. she is ment to run hard just always do the check ups and oil changes don't redline let your engine warm up every day before riding and your bike will be find trust!

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21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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