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Break-In Period

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What is everyone doing for their break in period?

Following the manual or something else?

Right now I am following the manual because its why I have always done in the past.. But this 40MPH top speed is killing me!

The only time I was above the RMP was on my ride home, right off the showroom floor onto the freeway, it was great, but then I have been babying it ever since.
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I'm going through the pain of breaking in right now.... handbook is to strict for me keeping under 4k I hold up traffic changing gear so much ha, dealer said 1000km and don't exceed 6k rpm, I've done 320km now and I and dieing to see what this thing can do aaaah!

I'm sure I could hard break it but I feel this is the way to do it, and by the way this topic sways from one side to the other (hard vs handbook) I reckon the gut feelings the best haha.
you need to remember, its a motorcycle, there is only so much we can talk about. not much point in having 4 million threads on just 1 topic, hence why we merge threads
well I see admin/moderators being annoyed at dozens of new threads,

Also yes old thread.... same bike...same theory given I read it all why not post here?
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