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Break-In Period

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What is everyone doing for their break in period?

Following the manual or something else?

Right now I am following the manual because its why I have always done in the past.. But this 40MPH top speed is killing me!

The only time I was above the RMP was on my ride home, right off the showroom floor onto the freeway, it was great, but then I have been babying it ever since.
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"Hard break-in" for me, I guess. I don't really believe in the whole low-rev deal for however many miles... What makes sense to me, is heat cycling. I believe that you have a limited time to mate your pistons to your cylinders, and that the most efficient way of doing so is to heat cycle your engine.

After four or five heat cycles (riding the bike any way you want to for a duration of time long enough to get the oil up to temperature, then turning off the bike and letting it fully cool before riding again), the pistons will have conformed shape to match the cylinders, and the "break-in" will be complete. Of course there are still the bearings to consider, so yes, rev-fluctuation is always a good thing for the first few hundred miles as well. I also change the oil at about 200 miles, and keep it conventional since it's lighter than synthetic, it will get to everywhere more easily and more quickly.

At the first scheduled oil change, I switch to fully synthetic, and keep it that way for the rest of its life. I don't think that there's one specific process which can correctly identify with every internal combustion in the world, but I feel that this is a solid technique - especially since our cylinders are sleeveless! Break-in with these new cylinders should be a snap!
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