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Hey guys, so i decided against lowering my bike since i've ridden enough to just get used to tip toeing. I never got around to installing the links or clips, so they are new and unused, never installed. links still in vacuum sealed packaging, clips never came with packaging but are new with no marks on them.

For the links, i'm looking to just get back what I paid, but I guess to hook up a member here I'll take the hit for shipping. got em for $53 shipped from RT, so I'll do $50 shipped to you (so long as youre in the contig US)

For the clip ons, I'm lookin for $90 shipped to you. I picked em up locally at a small boutique bike shop in houston when i was working on my old bobber bike. yes the fork tube diameter and handle bar diameters match the ninja 300s (you can reuse your bars or use the aluminum ones that come with the clips)

prices may be nego, but i'm trying to recoupe costs to get the yoshi frame sliders, so please be reasonable. Yes i can do a package deal, which would be perfect to lower both the front and rear while retaining bar height (if not bring it down a little lower, mounted above the triple clamp)

If you're located in houston, we can meet up no problem

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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