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Blinker ?

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So I rode around my neighborhood for about 45 minutes today and every time I used my blinker on a turn I forgot to turn it off. Is there a way to make it beep since its hard to see in the sunlight.
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Still have this issue every once in a while myself. My V-Star 1100 has auto canceling so I never worried too much about it till now. You would think it would become standard equipment now a days.
I accidentally bleeped the horn a little bit when terminating the turn signal. I hit the button in but at the edge and my thumb slipped off and tagged the horn real quick. Just so happened the guy in front was waiting to the conducted through the intersection, but still felt like an ass for messing that one up though.
In all seriousness. I do not use my turn signals. Nor do would it matter much if I did. I assume no one can see me. So I make damn sure no one will become a danger to me.

If they think I am rude because I passed them and got in front of them without signaling- that is their problem. But no one car is ever around me long enough to become a problem. Sucks to be in a cage.

If you are driving a cage- don't expect to get anywhere quickly. Just sip your drank, pick a radio station and chill. Cause you gon' be there for a while.
Even if drivers don't notice you not use your turn signals, that cop two lanes over behind you will. It's also a quick way to get deemed at fault in an collision if you get plowed while making a turn or changing lanes and the officer or witness said you never signaled. The signal has always been a way to cover your own ass. Of course this is all assuming you are actually serious and not just saying such. :) You know, in the same way you tell your commanding officer/boss "With all due respect..." before you drop the diss hammer on them.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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