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Best fuel to use for bikes?

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So boys and girls, just wondering what people put in their bikes and why? Iv been putting 95 in my 250 for the past couple of months now, have a feeling it might have clogged up the fuel injectors. But that's probably from long term use lol
Anywho, tried the 98 and noticed a bit of lag on the bike, wasn't pinging like on the 95... Might try it again next time fill up!
Thoughts? :D

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I run premium unleaded (95?) as this was suggested by my dealer when I bought it but it could be the fact I live in Darwin and its hot as hell but whether that makes a difference I don't know. I'm moving to Melbourne in September which is cold as hell so not sure if I'll need to swap?

As Cruizin is in Townsville which is the same climate as Darwin I guess 91 would be fine in Darwin too.

The premium unleaded has worked fine for me thus far.
1 - 1 of 203 Posts
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