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I live in New York City and have been trolling dealers to buy the new 300 from. I don't care too much about the sales end. What I care about and am on the lookout for is good honest service.

The basics I will do myself. I really enjoyed Kawasaki Girls videos on YouTube KawiG. I'm going to get a white bike and paint the inner fairings white too. KawiG's videos will keep me from busting off tabs and breaking off the plungers.

I'd enjoy any feedback anyone has had at this LONG IDLAND dealer as it relates to service.
The New York attorney general's office takes lemon laws very serioulsy so if there were a major problem under warranty I'm not to worried.

The Magnus-Moss Warranty Act is federal and if any dealer can't fix your bike under warranty call your AG's office to create an environment where your differences can be resolved.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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