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AudioVox electronic Cruise Control

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i stumbled across one of these on the net


and they seem like an ok unit for the price. i went a googling for the manual and you need to know how many pulses per mile is sent from the Vehicle Speed Sensor. The 300 has one of these VSS but i have no idea what the rate is of PPM pulses per mile. this unit can be set to 2000, 4000 , 5000 , 8000 PPM

anyone have any knowledge on this and like to share?
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the speed sensor signal of 4 signals per revolution is correct, not sure about the crank signals though.

now, if we knew how many pulses per mile or (PPM) the speed sensor will output, we can easily fit an electronic cruise control to the bike

No problem! The overall diameter of a IRC 140/70-17 tire is 626 mm according to IRC's website http://irc-tire.com/mce/tires/rx-01.html.
Thus, the bike moves forward 1966.6mm or 1.966 meters per tire revolution.
That is 508.6 tire revolutions per kilometer.
508.6 X 42/14 = 1525.8 countershaft revolutions per km X 4 = 6103 sensor signals per km. 5696 pulses per km if you use a 15 tooth sprocket.

If you live in the US, the rear tire makes 818 revolutions per mile and that works out to 9816 pulses per mile, 9162 pulses per mile with a 15 tooth sprocket.
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i would not add a third party cruise control system, if it came from the factory with it, different story.

I'm the 'stock' type of guy though.
did you ever fit the cruise control as i may fit one if i end up getting this bike you should have this option on all new bikes i know the bmw s1000rr (sports bike) has this and a pit lane limiter i know the ninja 300 is a lot cheaper but this could be a great commuter / touring bike with a few easy to do mods and we have a lot of average speed cameras in GB so would not have to keep checking my speed so much so i can then keep my eyes on the road much safer & less stressful riding

all the best ian
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