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AudioVox electronic Cruise Control

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i stumbled across one of these on the net


and they seem like an ok unit for the price. i went a googling for the manual and you need to know how many pulses per mile is sent from the Vehicle Speed Sensor. The 300 has one of these VSS but i have no idea what the rate is of PPM pulses per mile. this unit can be set to 2000, 4000 , 5000 , 8000 PPM

anyone have any knowledge on this and like to share?
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If your some pilgrim planning on punching cruise control on the twisties, in the wet, in traffic bla bla bla bla bla dont fit one

now more info on the speed sensors, very interested if this unit is compatible, would be a life saver while traveling for hours down long ass freeways riding somewhere worth riding and not to mention not getting done by speed camera for accidentally creeping up a couple k,s , may be worth emailing Kawasaki
^lol I think cruise control ruins the fun of the ride. Something that would be nice is reverse haha

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I dono bout your freeways but down here in Aus there dead straight and freakin endless, dont tell me you dont get over it lol, Plus we have fixed cameras and point to point cameras on most freeways, not to mention highway patrol

I say if you want cruise control get a gold wing

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girls would be lining up for rides!!!
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