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AudioVox electronic Cruise Control

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i stumbled across one of these on the net


and they seem like an ok unit for the price. i went a googling for the manual and you need to know how many pulses per mile is sent from the Vehicle Speed Sensor. The 300 has one of these VSS but i have no idea what the rate is of PPM pulses per mile. this unit can be set to 2000, 4000 , 5000 , 8000 PPM

anyone have any knowledge on this and like to share?
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I say if you want cruise control get a gold wing

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lol i was just trying to make a joke. i've no opinion on cruise control on a bike whatsoever, being so new as to still be learning, and thus feel i'm not qualified to comment.

however, i do know gold wings come loaded for bear and cover just about every base. i mean come on, it even has a reverse gear! lol
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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