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AudioVox electronic Cruise Control

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i stumbled across one of these on the net


and they seem like an ok unit for the price. i went a googling for the manual and you need to know how many pulses per mile is sent from the Vehicle Speed Sensor. The 300 has one of these VSS but i have no idea what the rate is of PPM pulses per mile. this unit can be set to 2000, 4000 , 5000 , 8000 PPM

anyone have any knowledge on this and like to share?
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I find it absolutely hilarious to hear people talk crap about cruise control, listening to music or riding a wheelie for that matter. If you dont have the confidence in YOUR riding abilities you have no reason to be on a bike in the first place. There is no difference in doing these things on a bike or in your car/truck/cage its all about confidence. I'm sure 99.99% of everyone here has texted while driving there car, even listened to the radio and texted at the same time in their car. Maybe even texted, had the radio on, in cruise control and put your make up on in your car. Probably even walked and chewed gum at the same time. But maybe not everyone has been on a 100+ mile ride and had your throttle hand get sore or cramp up, if so did you take it off the throttle??? If you have you would know that your bike slowed probably 10+ mph per second, is that not dangerous at freeway speeds? Sounds like a good way to be come someones who traveling the same speed or faster than you hood ornament. Some mods arent for everyone, but to say they are dangerous because you dont like it doesnt really make it dangerous. I've seen "oh these are sport bikes not touring bikes" I guess nobody is using them for a commuter we are all using them on the track. I'm sure there are lots of mods that are WAY more dangerous than cruise control, how about after market exhaust, **** you may be pulling up close to some little old lady and scare the **** out of her with with your loud exhaust and cause her to swerve right into you. Not trying to rant on and on, but things are not as DANGEROUS as some people make them out to be if you have confidence in yourself and your riding abilities.
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