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Anyone use the shift detent kit from Factory Pro or Spears?

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I don't plan on installing one (unless I have the same issue with my QS) but have just been reading some people that put a quick shifter on their Ninja 300 experienced issues shifting from 2-3rd gear and had to install this to fix the issue.

Also, it allegedly makes for smoother more positive shifting feel is this true? How much of a hassle is it to install? Looks simple, just pop the clutch off and replace the oem unit with the new...

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I hooked up my PC today to look at the PC (see what I did there?). Ignition cut times are as follows:

1-2 .065 seconds (65 milliseconds)
2-3 .060
3-4 .055
4-5 .050
5-6 .045 seconds

I have no idea what ideal times are but these seem to work. A lot of the time I roll off the throttle gently anyway so I'm not even sure cutting the ignition is necessary but when I don't it still shifts cleanly. Minimum engine speed of 3000 rpm is required for this to work the way mine is set up.
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Awesome thank you! That gives me a good start point at least. Without it I had no idea where to start. Can’t wait to gove this thing a good wringing.
Sure thing, the numbers are entered as whole numbers I. e. 65, 60, etc.

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I just got one of these recently as I have hit a few false issues downshifting on my 300. The worst was after a long straight doing 90+ into a big sweeping turn one. But downshifting has been fussy enough that want to see if this eliminates it. I have not yet installed it as I am waiting for a few other parts including a new gasket.
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Order clutch plates now if you think you’ll need em (not in stock anywhere)I could be out riding but I’m waiting for clutch plates that should be here this week.
Order clutch plates now if you think you’ll need em (not in stock anywhere)I could be out riding but I’m waiting for clutch plates that should be here this week.
Yep, I have new plates, springs, and the detent. Just waiting for the gasket and exhaust seals to arrive since I am doing the exhaust also.
Oh nice, good call. I wish I were that prepared. Last weekend was sunny and 70 and I could have been riding lol. I got my clutch plates and oil filter today, this weekend I’ll be ready to roll.
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Here's a link from a different forum thread that tells you good tips on how to install that detent arm. If you follow what Frank says on the second page it is super easy. The only tips I have is to put your bike in gear before you take the arm off and install the new one, the neutral detent on the shift star is taller and the arm sits higher which puts more tension on the spring. Instead of using a flat blade screwdriver to push the spring end into place against the case, use needle nose pliers to grab it and push in and over at the same time and it'll snap right into place. I tried a screwdriver at first and it kept slipping off. Good luck, hopefully this detent arm will solve and gear slipping issues!

What exhaust are you putting on?

Factory Pro Detent Arm Shift Kit - Page 2 - ninjette.org
I forgot I had written that up!

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Thanks for doing it, I followed your method and it went real easy.
Very nice positive shifts! I like the way it feels so far and if it prevents any gear slipping all the better. My quick shifter seems to be a little lurchy around 9-10k rpm except 5-6 gear is super smooth. This bike has always had "clunky" shifting that I didn't like but I think the quick shifter helped smooth out my shifts when using the clutch. Even 1-2 shifts very smooth now. Maybe the QS as well as the detent (and brand new oem clutch) are all factors.

I'm hoping to be able to tune out the slight lurch when using the quick shifter but the Annitori only has one value for the cut time. They don't let you tune for each gear change, you get one setting for kill time and one for sensitivity. Mine is set on 60ms now but I think I'll email Annitori and see what they recommend...
Well I got all my parts in. Tore apart the bike and installed everything and tested it. Worked fine. However in reviewing the manual again I missed that I needed thread locker on the detent screw. (mostly because it did not appear to have any on it.) Should have known better. Anyway I tore it all back apart. Thread locked the screw, put everything back together and now it does not want to shift. I am going to tear it back apart again, but I cannot fathom what I might have done wrong. I did everything I did the first time around.

Any suggestions?
When you say it doesn’t want to shift what do you mean? The shift lever won’t move at all or it moves and the bike won’t click into gear? Is your bike all back together or still on the stand? Maybe try spinming the back wheel while you press the shift lever?
There really isn’t too much that can go wrong like you said. If it seemed like it all went together correctly then it probably did but for sure take it back apart and re-assemble just as it should be. Strange one, let us know when you figure it out…
I have give my very gracious thanks to Greg Spears of Spears Enterprises who answered my call and was incredibly sweet with his help. It was the fact that the transmission "dogs" were not engaged. A simple spin of the tire lined everything back up and the bike shifted. Even got it all back together and took it for a short test ride.

I have only recently started working on motorcycles and this is one of those simple things you forget about or not aware of. I did not have the issue the first time around so I never considered it the second time.
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