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This is an offer to anyone who is a regular member on these forums.
(Meaning, if you just signed up this month with 10 posts, this does not apply to you)


DISCLAIMER: Before jumping on this offer, I'd like to state the obvious. I do have access to admin, so I could technically access your e-mails. While I absolutely would not do so, I wouldn't expect anyone to take my word for it, especially since I'm offering these for free. So, the information that passes through this e-mail, use at your discretion.

I'm giving these e-mails out simply because I'm trying to be a nice guy. I can only assume people will point fingers and claim there is a catch, or that it's a scam because nothing is free in this world
, I assure you, this is not the case.


I've had my hosting plan since I ran an LED/HID company some 6 years ago, and all I really do with it is just use it as FTP Storage, and for my personal e-mail addresses.

With that being said, one of the domains linked to my host is "dragknee.com" and since I have unlimited amount of e-mail addresses I can make, I figured I'd shoot the offer out to anyone who would be interested in having one.

[email protected]

I would initially set up your e-mail with a generic password, and send you a link to access the online Web Mail Client. Once you login, you'd be capable of changing your password to whatever you'd like without me knowing.

You will also have the information to setup the account remotely (aka Microsoft Outlook or any other mail client you use)


  • You will receive 2GB of Quota. If you request more, just let me know
  • You can have "yourname" be whatever you like
  • Only 1 e-mail address per person. If you request more, just let me know
  • yourname.dragknee.com gallery hosting is available. PM me.

If you absolutely love your e-mail, I would gladly accept donations anywhere from $1+ to help get me to the track this year. My paypal is [email protected]

If you want an e-mail address, just put the full name of the e-mail in this thread
(EX: [email protected])

I will then PM you once it is created.

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