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Anyone going for a solo cycle?

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Solo Cycle as in removing the rear pegs and the the rear seat? I have been thinking about doing this to my bike as I ride solo 100% of the time. But my fear is that my wife and I will be out riding and a breakdown happens to her bike (2009 Ninja 250R) and I will need to cart her home...

I just love the look of a bike that's set up for one person only :)

I should take off my rear pegs and see if the pegs from the 250r fit and if they do, I can just pack along my seat on our rides. That way if there is ever a break down of her bike I could swap over the pegs and I could have the my rear seat in a backpack or something..
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I'm definitely going to be removing the rear seat at one point or another. As for the pegs, is there enough storage in the rear to just tuck along the pegs when you need them?
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