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Another fairing issue!

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Anyone else having an issue with the fairings sitting correctly?

My has been doing it for the past week and I was actually just searching the web and came across another forum where someone has the same issue. Since I dont have a picture I am borrowing theirs haha...

This is the issue, the fiaring no longer will stay put and just pops out to it staying like this..

I am going to take the fairing off and reinstall it, and it it does not fix the problem I am going to have the dealer fix it.. Because its like buying a car and the bumper popping out, its not right and should not be like that haha..

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Oh well. No one else will really notice it cept me. Like people saying your gf is gorgeous cept you know her little faults. :rolleyes:

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dude you are BRAVE
I REALLY hope your gf never sees that
u will be toast
hope u have a blanket for you and your bike lol
This is the Passion Red 300 that is on display at the International Moto Show in Toronto this weekend. Front and center on the stage under the big lights.

Other than the fluorescent lights wrecking havoc on my camera's white balance... anyone notice an issue? ;)


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I agree that the fairing is not lined up properly. I cannot for the life of me get that gap to go away. Riding on the freeway and is completely noticeable.
Just curious... What's the average daily temp where you guys with the fairing problems are?

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For me....all temps. 52° - 78°
I've been having the same problem! I've uninstalled and reinstalled them and the same result :(
I haven't had time to take it back to my dealer, but would I need to pay anything? Or is it covered by the warranty?
I hate this problem it absolutely drives me nuts, all tough like said chance are no ones going to see it but still I look at it constantly :( .

Other than that im happy with the whole bike :) so yes would buy it again but have to find a good fix for this.
Nice work on the simple fix.

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I give mine a rap with the bottom of my fist. Sometimes it stays for a few seconds or a few weeks. Just a junk design. Clear packing tape is probably the only cure. :cool:
I give mine a rap with the bottom of my fist. Sometimes it stays for a few seconds or a few weeks. Just a junk design. Clear packing tape is probably the only cure. :cool:
SHhhhh...it's OEM packing tape.
I won't pay dealer prices for OEM packing tape! Maybe Yoshimura makes some?
I temporarily fixed mine. I took some heavy duty 3M adhesive tape (same stuff for emblems) and I removed the backing. Line it up in between the separation and use a sharp razor blade to cut off the excess.
VHB Tape. Airplanes are made with it, sky scrapers facades are held on with it.

May the force be with you if you chose to remove the fairing tho.

If it happens to me, I'll probably pickup some Sugru and build up whatever clips are holding it in that aren't doing a good job.
you all act like you havnt heard of duct tape... its only the best in the whole wide WORLD!
They make it in pearl white?
They make it in pearl white?
VHB tape would go on the inside... FOREVER.

Sugru I'd use on the clips or whatever's not holding on well so who cares what colour it is, it wont be visible. Sugru is a rubbery molding material that self cures. It's like 2 part epoxy clay.

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The gap seems to get slightly bigger after riding. My bike was serviced a week ago and i mentioned it to the servicing mechanic, he said "oh not really much we can do about it", and that was it, wrote to kawi australia last night and this arvo i was getting calls from the dealership wanting me to drop the bike off at anytime for assessment and solution of my concern. So if your dealership ignore your concerns no matter how small they are, Kawasaki Australia takes customer satisfaction seriously. And more important, many of us have warranties standard or/and extended and in here those things don't come cheap.
My right fairing lines up perfectly and has no gap. Left is off my like 1 mm. Happy with the adhesive fix. Somewhere down the line aftermarket fairings will hit. Then I'll pick up some.
I will have to really look over the bike, but i can tell you i am not having a problem with that lil side piece, instead, mine is further up, actual front cowling. the piece pops out some, and therefore has a slight gap around the front right headlight.
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