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Another fairing issue!

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Anyone else having an issue with the fairings sitting correctly?

My has been doing it for the past week and I was actually just searching the web and came across another forum where someone has the same issue. Since I dont have a picture I am borrowing theirs haha...

This is the issue, the fiaring no longer will stay put and just pops out to it staying like this..

I am going to take the fairing off and reinstall it, and it it does not fix the problem I am going to have the dealer fix it.. Because its like buying a car and the bumper popping out, its not right and should not be like that haha..

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Got the same issue. Stays in place when parked. When riding...it pops a little loose. Definitely plan on aftermarket fairings when they're available.
I agree that the fairing is not lined up properly. I cannot for the life of me get that gap to go away. Riding on the freeway and is completely noticeable.
For me....all temps. 52° - 78°
I temporarily fixed mine. I took some heavy duty 3M adhesive tape (same stuff for emblems) and I removed the backing. Line it up in between the separation and use a sharp razor blade to cut off the excess.
They make it in pearl white?
My right fairing lines up perfectly and has no gap. Left is off my like 1 mm. Happy with the adhesive fix. Somewhere down the line aftermarket fairings will hit. Then I'll pick up some.
I got that same deal. But on mine, the right fairing matches up with the headlight cowl. Left side, it's off by a millimeter or 2.
My issue disappeared weeks ago.
how did you achieve this?
I did the same as here. I do got to point out that it came back once. About 24 hours later. But ever since I tightened mine in this sequence. It has stayed away. I check it frequently when riding.

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1 - 9 of 108 Posts
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